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Joe Stephens Memorial

Joe Stephens

22/12/1942 – 9/3/2003

Joe joined the Drag-Ens in 1963 when at that time the club catered for hot rod and custom cars. When the club changed to a hot rod club only, Joe was allowed to retain his membership even though his Studebaker did not meet the club's new criteria.

The reason for this was that Joe had been a very active and respected member since just after the club was originally formed.

Apart from him involvement in all the club activities, he was dubbed the "Official Club Photographer" and he rarely went anywhere without his camera.

Joe always wore his club jacket with pride.

Joe Stephens' Studebaker
Joe's Studebaker

Photographs By Joe Stephens

The following photographs were kindly donated to the club by Joe's family.  Joe loved taking photos and the majority of his collection were on slides.