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Note: This is not a speed event

Vintage Hot Rod - Vintage Race Cars - Vintage Bikes

Beach Trials Crowdy Head

NSW Permit Scheme Vehicles use
Run Number 4-12518Y

The Event

The Drag-ens Hot Rod Club will be hosting the annual Rattletrap event for Classic Hot Rods, Vintage Race Cars and Vintage Bikes at the Surf Club, Crowdy Head NSW.
The event will be held on Saturday 12th May 2018, providing a day of action on the picturesque beach on mid North Coast of NSW.
We will be starting at 9:30am on the day for approx. four hours of non-stop action from start to finish. Everything is determined by the tide so times cannot be set in stone.
The event will include bracket sprints, grudge matches and an Exhibition Class for unique or historical vehicles.


For Rattletrap accommodation at the Big 4 Harrington, please ring 02 6556 1288 and use this code when booking at the park "P-HDHR18".

Event Rules

A NO alcohol policy applies to all officials and competitors during the running of the event. In particular, No alcohol is allowed in the pits or on the course or the stopping area. Any participant who shows signs of intoxication will be barred from the event.
All entries must be via application and subject to approval from the Drag-ens HRC and must comply with the spirit of the event. All entries must be paid for and must be accompanied with a signed Declaration and Waiver of Liability form. All entrants must be 18 years +. NOTE: The entry covers the vehicle/bike and one driver/rider. If additional drivers/riders will use a vehicle they are also required to have read and completed the Declaration and Waiver of Liability form and pay an entry fee.
The driver /rider must be able to produce a current driver /rider license for their home state. Learner drivers will not be eligible to compete in the event. There is a maximum number of two drivers per vehicle and the number of runs shall be per vehicle not driver (i.e. two drivers mean half the runs). NO - vehicle or rider passengers permitted.
All competitors must wear long sleeves and long trousers (or jeans or overalls) and closed shoes when competing.
Driver/riders must wear an approved crash helmet when competing on the course.
If a vehicle or bike does not have a windscreen, goggles or a full face helmet must be worn as eye protection.
The use of the course before, during or after the event without authorisation is prohibited. Any driver/rider who disobeys the directions of any official or displays inappropriate behaviour will be banned from further participation in the event.
Overall appearance is important for vehicles and bikes to be chosen. Cars and motorcycles should be hopped up like authentic vehicles from pre to post war era. Drivers are encouraged to dress in the spirit of the event.

Participation in this event is at the discretion of the Chief Scrutineer, (for either car or bike).

 Hot Rod & Vintage Race Car Eligibility

All vehicles must be manufactured on or before 1941 or a purpose built Hot Rod rebuilt in the style of a traditional hot rod, custom or vintage race car.
These vehicles do not have to be period perfect recreations, rather vehicles built to evoke the spirit of a bygone era. (Old cars modified using old parts or hop up gear available in that era).

Motorcycle Eligibility

All Motorcycles must be pre 1960 or a reproduction thereof, and comply with the traditional style of that era. OEM frames or custom frames are accepted as long as they reflect the era. Traditional styled bobbers and choppers must have kick or electric start. NO push starting. No sheet metal stamped frames allowed (e.g. postie bikes etc)

Scrutineering (Tech Inspection)

All entrant vehicles and bikes must be scrutineered and be accepted by the Chief Scrutineer (cars) or Chief Scrutineers (Bikes)  before the drivers briefing.
All drivers and riders who wish to compete on the course MUST attend the driver /rider briefing prior to the event. The Chief scrutineer of each department (cars or bikes) must sign off the scrutineering sheets to verify that the competitor has attended the driver/rider briefing. Any deviation from the Vehicle Rules or the Bike Rules is left to the Chief Scrutineer of that department. The decision of the Chief Scrutineer is FINAL

 Hot Rod & Vintage Race Car Rules

These rules are set to provide a minimum acceptable standard for vehicle safety for the participant, officials and the public.
Any frame design is subject to the approval of the Chief Scrutineer and shall be of sufficient strength to resist flex or twist. The burden of proof of strength lies with the entrant.
All vehicles must have a tail shaft loop (or enclosed tail shaft) or a device fitted to prevent the tail shaft from dropping, by way of a cross member, these will be at the discretion of the Chief Scrutineer.
All vehicles must have as a minimum, rear wheel brakes that are capable of stopping the vehicle. The burden of proof of lies with the entrant.
A wheel nut is required on every wheel stud. The maximum rim width is 6 inches.
Solid tyre, nonrated tyres (e.g. farm implement or aircraft tyres), drag slicks and four wheel drive tyres are not acceptable. Cross ply tyres must have inner tubes.
Exhaust gasses must be directed away from the driver and course surface.
The driver’s compartment must provide easy access and exit from the vehicle.
There must be no exposed sharp edges that could injure the driver. The design of the driver compartment must provide easy access to controls (i.e. hand brake, ignition switch, pedals etc. The driver’s compartment must have an adequate floor
A fire extinguisher (A minimum capacity 1Kg) must be mounted in the driver area and be accessible to the driver.
The driver’s seat must be constructed in conjunction with the seat belt to secure the driver. The seat must be secured to the floor or floor frame. Plastic seats are not acceptable.
All vehicles must have seat belts. Three point inertia seat belts are preferred. Full harness belts are recommended for purpose built vehicles.
All vehicles must have a firewall.
The battery must be firmly secured. An isolating switch is strongly recommended on all vehicles.
The engine must be capable of self starting. No push start. If a vehicle fails to start it will be moved out of the way. Pushrod engines must be naturally aspirated.

Motor Cycle Rules

These rules are set to provide a minimum acceptable standard for vehicle safety for the participant, officials and the public.
OEM frames, modified or custom built frames are acceptable.
All chain or belt driven motorcycles shall be equipped with a chain guard. The guard should be mounted in two places.
Period forks and suspension preferred. All moving parts of the steering system shall operate freely, without excessive play.
Minimum of an operational and effective rear brake, operated by foot pedal or hand lever on the handlebars.
Nothing over four inch rims, no paddle or drag slicks permitted. Bias ply tyres must have inner tubes fitted.
mandatory shut off must be operable from the rider’s position.
Plastic lines will not be accepted. Fire resistant lines and connectors are preferred.
A self closing throttle shall be fitted to all motorcycles or a safety kill switch attached to a lanyard connected to you.
the exhaust system shall direct the exhaust gasses away from the rider, the rear tyre and the course surface.
Period number plates with racing number clearly visible on both sides of the bike or front forks. An alternative is paint or shoe polish on both sides of the gas tank is OK.


All entrants and officials will be required to read and sign a Declaration and Waiver of Liability at Scrutineering.


Please note that entrants to the event will need to click on the following link to pay the entry fee and obtain a receipt to enable completion of the entry form.

Click here to purchase your tickets

This form is to be completed by all entrants.

Click here for the Rattletrap 2018 entry form