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Valla Rod Run 2006 - Page 1

Valla 2006 Artwork

2006 was the 30th anniversary of the Valla Rod Run and one of the best runs ever.

The club celebrated with:

CO2 drag racing. Two great nights with top bands.
Raft racing. A bit of Texas hold-em poker.
Valla FM radio. Two rod cruises out of the park.
A big welcome spit. A champagne breakfast.
The Valla GP and Go Whoa action. Lucky entrants draws daily.
A 30th celebration spectacular with mega fireworks.
A horse racing event that included "Fashions in the field" for the ladies.
Someone won a body courtesy of Rod Bods.
Friday rage theme night, where people came in the best outfit from any of the past 29 Valla runs.
Crusin d Park" - with the unique trophy courtesy of Rick Pacey, Rod Bods and Tony Parker.

TOP 10

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Neil Baker
Neil Baker - 32 Ford Coupe
32 Ford Coupe
Drag-Ens HRC
Steve Bonner
Steve Bonner - 34 Ford Tudor
34 Ford Tudor
Gold Coast HRC
Leigh Charters
Leigh Charters - 32 Ford Coupe
32 Ford Coupe
Castlemaine Rodders
Tony Haraldson
Tony Haraldson - 34 Ford Roadster
34 Ford Roadster
Peter James
Neil Baker - 32 Ford Coupe
34 Ford Tudor
Rickshaw's Rod
and Custom Club
Robin Kirby
Robin Kirby - 32 Dodge Roadster
32 Dodge
Pat Lamb
Pat Lamb - 41 Wileys Coupe
41 Wileys Coupe
Southside Rodders
Ian Ward
Ian Ward - 34 Ford Coupe
34 Ford Coupe
Taree Rodders
Glenn Watts
Glenn Watts - 31 Ford Coupe
31 Ford Coupe
Warren Wilke
Warren Wilke - 32 Ford Roadster
32 Ford Roadster
Toowoomba Rodders

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