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Valla Rod Run 2013 - Page 2

Valla 2013 Results

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Top Rookie
Top Rookie - Phil Ford - 28 Ford Roadster

28 Ford Roadster
Longest Distance
Longest Distance - Melissa Johns, North Haven, SA
Melissa Johns,
North Haven
South Australia
Top Cruiser
Top Cruiser - Tiffany White - 34 Chev Sloper

Entrant 277
Tiffany White
38 Chev Sloper
The Dennis Moreau Memorial Trophy for Best Engineered
Best Engineered - Bob Bowman - 28 Ford Tourer
Best Engineered - Bob Bowman - 28 Ford Tourer
Cookies Custom Exhaust 2013 Raleigh Raceway

Go-Whoa - Grant Carpenter

Grant Carpenter
Burnout Competition
Burnout Comp Ladies - Sandra Horne

Sandra Horne
Burnout Competition

Burnout Comp Men - Lee Holt
Lee Holt
Burlesque Photo Shoot
Burlesque Photo Shoot - Jess Thomsen

Jess Thomsen
Relevant - Irrelevant Run
Relevant - Irrelevant Run - Entrant 107 - Malcolm Shelley

Entrant 107 - Malcolm Shelley
Best Represented Club 
Gold Coast - 16 Rods
Borderline - 12 Rods
Ol Daze - 9 Rods
Rods Inc - 9 Rods
(Drag-Ens - 26 Rods)
Kids Obersvation Walk

Girls - Ella Cooley
Boys - Keiran Cooke
Kids Colouring Competition

12 and Over: Girls - Summer Belgrave  Boys - Don Waldron
7 to 11: Girls - Isabella Whitehead  Boys - Nicholas James
6 and under: Girls - Maddison 5yrs  Boys - Blake King
Many thanks to Vanessa for judging the event
Fishing Competition

KODA 10 year old
700 gram Ludric

Runners up:
Audrey Bell
Aron 12yrs
Lisa Carmelie
Fishing completion organised and run by Daniel Horne
Games In The Park - Ducks For Bucks
Ducks For Bucks
1st - Chris Powell
2nd - Dave Clift
3rd - Glen Murray
Games In The Park - Triathlon
 Adults - The Spray Painters

1st Kids - Shaun Bezzina, Ruby Hargraves, Cam Gilfillian
2nd Kids - Brooklyn Williams, Lincoln Williams, Toby Adams
3rd Kids - Dan Waldron, Brayden Shelley, Ryan Willcox