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As part of our commitment to support the Volunteer Rescue Association through the various fund raising activities conducted during the Valla Run, the Club has purchased and donated a Heart Defibulator Unit for use by the VRA.

These units will help restore the natural rhythm of the heart when a person is experiencing dangerous arrhythmia or cardiac arrest. The heart has a natural defibulator built in that acts much the way a pacemaker does, but as we age it can quit functioning properly.

The VRA will carry the unit in one of their Rescue Vehicles, however, during the week of our run, they will allow the club to hold the unit at the Park in case of an emergency.

We have several club members who have been trained in the use of the unit, and whilst we hope we never need to use it, it’s good insurance.
During the 2012 Valla we will raise funds to purchase a second unit for their other Rescue Truck.

We would like to thank all the entrants for their support which enables us to make worthwhile donations to deserving organisations such as the VRA.